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Brand Naming

E-tion can assist you in brand positioning and, based on that, brand naming. We strive to:

Ensure that the brand name aligns with the core values and positioning of the brand, accurately conveying its characteristics and concepts.
Make the brand name easy to remember and pronounce, concise and clear.
Avoid similarity with existing brands to prevent confusion and legal disputes.
Consider the cultural background and language habits of the target audience, avoiding sensitive or negatively connoted words.
Ensure that the brand name is enduring and scalable, capable of adapting to different business and market demands in the future.

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Design Logo

The brand logo is the foundation of visual design. Before delving into various visual designs, it is important to first complete the logo design.

Before designing a logo for your brand, we would like to understand the following from you:

1. The benchmark brands in your industry.
2. The positioning of your brand and its future expansion direction.

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Trademark Registration

Trademark registration is essential for protecting a company’s intellectual property and establishing and strengthening its competitive advantage. If your logo has not been registered as a trademark, it means you will be in a passive position when facing infringement actions. Therefore, after the completion of logo design, it is important to promptly proceed with trademark registration.

When designing a brand logo for you, E-tion Branding will consider the subsequent trademark registration process, aiming to increase the probability of successful trademark registration.

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Establishing a Visual Identity System (VIS)

To establish and manage the visual image of a brand, a Visual Identity System (VIS) is crucial. The VIS encompasses standardized visual elements such as logos, colors, fonts, and graphic styles to express and communicate the uniqueness, values, and personality of the brand. A well-executed VIS ensures consistent visual representation of the brand across various communication channels and media, enhancing brand recognition and awareness. By maintaining a unified VIS, brands can exhibit consistent imagery in advertising, promotional materials, product packaging, websites, and other brand touchpoints, establishing strong brand recognition and association. VIS not only provides visual consistency but also helps differentiate the brand from competitors in the market, shaping a distinctive brand personality and value proposition, and enhancing its competitiveness and market position.

Before designing a VIS for you, E-tion needs the following preparations:

A logo that has been registered as a trademark.
The company’s mission, vision, and values.
If you have a Mission Identity System (MIS) and Behavioral Identity System (BIS), please provide them as a basis for the VIS design.

We will also conduct a dedicated interview with your company to gather sufficient information and ensure the brand’s concepts are integrated into the visual identity.

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The applications of Visual Identity / Visual Branding

Based on the Visual Identity System (VIS), E-tion will provide you with design services that align with your brand characteristics, including:

Factory Layout:

Visual Management
Optimized Wayfinding System
Corporate Culture Promotion

Image Presentation:

Exhibition Halls & Trade Shows
Brochures & Websites
Promotional Video Production

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