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With an international perspective, we integrate business strategy with brand strategy to comprehensively enhance our clients’ competitiveness and sales capabilities.

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Localization of International Brands

When international companies enter the Chinese market, they face new opportunities and challenges in the local environment. Leveraging the advantages of returning talents and local elites, E-tion assists international companies in analyzing the domestic market landscape, differentiating their positioning, and exploring the deep-rooted brand value. By integrating the core concepts of Chinese cultural output and building brand barriers, E-tion has successfully facilitated the localization of several international brands, including Cummins, Align, Alfa Laval, SIEMENS, Lincotek and more.

Internationalization of Local Brands

In the process of expanding overseas, local brands need a more adaptable brand image to face the complexities of various market environments. After undergoing brand repositioning for internationalization, localizing the brand to different languages, cultures, religions, and legal backgrounds can enable your brand to go further and seize more opportunities. Today, brand globalization has become the norm, and an internationalized brand image lays a solid foundation for long-term strategic thinking and tactical actions.

Dedicated to Manufacturing Industry Brand Services

E-tion assists manufacturing companies in adapting to the new pattern of dual circulation development and customizes brand image and strategies that are tailored to both local and international environments. Well-known brands such as CSIC, China Telecom, WTB, Aikang Group, Cummins and APX have been our long-term collaborative partners for many years.

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Creating a Visual Factory

Taking a brand management perspective, E-tion deeply analyzes the positioning and needs of enterprises. Through standardized, scientific, and rigorous visual management, we shape a consistent brand image for factories both internally and externally. In the past decade, we have provided comprehensive services from new factory area planning and design to implementation for numerous companies, including WTB, CSIC Longjiang GH TURBINE, Hyatech, Align and OBTC.

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