Fastening your value

Oriental Blue Sky Titanium Technology Co., Ltd. (OBTC), affiliated with China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, is a modern high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, production, and testing of high-end fasteners and structural components for aerospace industry. Its main business includes the design, production, and service of titanium alloy, high-temperature alloy, aluminum alloy, and steel fasteners, as well as small precision structural components for the aerospace industry. OBTC also provides inspection, testing, heat treatment, and surface treatment services.

In May 2021, OBTC initiated the construction of a new workshop at its headquarters in Yantai. Seizing this opportunity, E-tion optimized the visual identity system, introduced the visual management system within the factory, and unified and enhanced the brand image externally. A series of planning and design services were provided to the company.